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What's your mission in life?

Updated: Apr 10

My mission is to tell my story and finally give a voice to the woman I found within.

I want to teach people how to understand the miraculous plan of the universe and how each single choice influences our lives. No matter what choices we make, we always gain something of deeper value if we learn to understand the incredible lessons that lie behind those choices. It’s never about winning or losing. Life itself is all about gaining. We can choose to grow or we can stand still and not move at all. Most people are a little afraid of change. That’s ok. But think about it this way: if we are permanently afraid to get out of our comfort zone, we will live our lives in constant fear. That’s why it’s so important to try new ventures and to grow. The choice is always yours. We only grow as much as we let life teach us.

Of course, there are conscious and unconscious choices. No matter what we decide, there is always a valuable lesson behind each choice, no matter if it’s a conscious choice (the ego choice) to do or not to do something or an unconscious choice (the choice of our soul). Either your ego needs to learn a lesson, which can sometimes be painful, or your soul (unconscious choice) leads the way. Your soul and your intuition are linked. Intuitive decisions come from a higher place. You will recognize them by an inner knowing that’s deeply rooted inside you. We are all intuitive. We are born this way, although in some people it is stronger than in others.

I feel it is my mission to teach people about the divine connection between our body, mind and soul and how this can affect our path in life, the choices we make, the places we travel to, the people we surround ourselves with and how we speak about ourselves and others. Every second, we make a choice to breathe or to blink. Life is like one big adventure. Some life events are destined to happen but the rest is up to us. Again, choice, options, decisions. Funnily enough, we only start to see the patterns after we make our choices. Of course, we can weigh up certain things, but putting off making a decision is a choice in itself. It all comes down to awareness. When we encounter obstacles in our way, we are on a learning path to become more aware and to live more in each present moment.

Sometimes we worry so much about what could go wrong or what could happen in the future that we block the natural flow of energy and our life grinds to a halt. We become stuck, unable to move and fearful. But, if we learn how to trust our own guide, our soul’s voice, our intuition or our gut, there will always be a way out and a chance to come out stronger on the other side. Every experience on our path adds to our life story. We are the creator of our own drama, romance, comedy or thriller. But what if our unconscious knows more than our conscious self? How do we create the life we want if we are not connected to our soul’s voice?

For many years I lived a life full of fear and anxiety. I let other people run my life for me. I was disconnected from my higher self and, though my soul was constantly trying to talk to me, instead of listening I was afraid. Afraid to answer my soul’s call for love. I grew up with a very self-destructive belief system and it took endless heartbreak: the painful divorce of my parents, my best friend’s sudden death, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and finally the decision to move to Ireland, to break free of those beliefs. I wanted to have a fresh start. The radical change of moving to another country felt like a new beginning. Deep down I knew I had to leave behind my secure, but painful, life in order to grow and have different experiences. I felt guided by my soul’s inner voice to make that move. I finally accepted the idea of saying “goodbye” to the old version of me and “hello” to the new version that was finally emerging. It was as though I was starting to shed my skin. It was goddamn time for it. I was finally ready to tell the truth.

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