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What is it that you would like to shine some light on?

🌸Happy Self Care Sunday🌸

Spend some time with your soul today. Here is a little inspiration for an assignment if you feel called to do some deep work today.

Enjoy! 🌸✨

Spiritual Development Assignment

Take a moment to write down three things you want to share with the world but haven’t yet brought them to light.

What is it that you would like to embrace?

What is it that you would like to shine some light on?

It could be a life experience that you have managed courageously and want to share your story in a blog, on stage or with a group of people, a new talent you have discovered that you are yet afraid to share, or a painting you created that you were really proud of and haven’t shown anyone. Just name whatever comes to mind and be really proud of yourself while writing these words.

These call for your inner spotlight. These are the things that want to be acknowledged, shared and celebrated with others. I encourage you to take out one thing from your list and shine some light on this.

After acknowledging this you are free to go on stage and step out into the world. Celebrate yourself! Take yourself out for a coffee and a piece of cake, buy yourself some flowers or treat yourself to a nice pedicure or manicure. Spoil yourself and celebrate your accomplishments! Celebrate your big reveal. Even if you’ve just admitted this to yourself, celebrate it anyway! This is going to be a really important mission in your life from now on. Work with it. Sometimes we are so busy with celebrating everyone else’s triumphs that we forget to praise our own. Be proud of yourself. You are as special as everyone else because you are you, and there is not going to be another you on this earth.💗

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