• Christina Goetz

The Definition of Spirituality

Updated: Apr 10

What is spirituality?

The way I describe it is this: Spirituality is an individual practice and believe system which is in alignment with your souls’ mission or purpose to learn grow and expand our consciousness. It’s multidimensional and therefore a lot bigger than our mind and body.

It’s beyond our five senses and therefore a more universal energy. Through words, we can describe and express spirituality but it’s more than putting it into words. It's expansional creativity and energy. A universal flow of energies with combined intention to send out loving energy, freedom and peace into the world. Being spiritual means believing in something much higher than yourself giving this belief room to from our earthly experience. On a soul level, we are all spiritual. Only our earth-based life forces us to look through a different lens depending on what religion we choose or grow up with or what life path we choose. Spirituality is a reflection of the universe, the universal order and the law of cause and effect. It's how we decide to live our life’s, how we treat ourselves an others and the connection with our body mind and soul supported by the universal energies. Spirituality is unconditional trust in a power greater than ourselves as an individual human being. It’s a moving energy that creates opportunities for us to bloom and flourish. It provides us with invisible wings to support our mission and existence serving the highest good of humanity. Spirituality is being carried by the invisible wings of the universal forces, the window of the universe. #spirituallifestyle #spirituality #christinagoetz

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