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The Art of Meditation

Updated: Apr 10

The goal of meditation isn't to control your thoughts, it's to stop letting them control you.

When I am asked “what are the main reasons to meditate?”- the first thing that usually comes into my mind is that meditation just makes you feel calmer and more peaceful. There are plenty of other important reasons to meditate, such as; creating more self-awareness, decrease your stress and anxiety, lower your blood pressure and improving sleep. It is very common for spiritual people to practice meditation and incorporate it as a daily non-negotiable practice.

Some people find it hard to relax when they try meditation for the first time. The thought of mediation scares them. This is very common but remember that meditation is all about letting go of any expectation, relaxing, and finding inner harmony and peace.

Meditation has been used for thousands of years as a way to attain a level of awareness that is beyond the limitations of the everyday thinking mind, to find freedom, and to connect with the spiritual awareness within.

Many people these days are stuck in the past and repeating the same old patterns over and over again, sometimes without even realizing it. If you feel you have a certain scenario repeating itself over and over again or you are attracting the same situation or character type over and over again, this is more likely a karmic pattern. A karmic pattern can only be released if you acknowledge this fact and truly want to free yourself from this repetitive behaviour. Meditation is key to a healthy body mind and soul connection.

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