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My Writing Journey Of My Latest Book

Updated: Apr 10

Writing this book was an amazing journey and a transformative experience. I had to move abroad and venture out into the world to with connect my deepest core wounds on my personal healing journey. In order for me to write this book, I had to become really honest with myself and look at my own patterns, believes and values. Through writing and connecting with my deepest feelings I was able to see my patterns, find my own unique voice and found a new form of expressing myself. Writing is now my new passion and my mission to share my voice and my story with the world.

I always knew I had so much to tell and share but an old part of me was afraid to speak out. I knew in order to leave my fears behind I had to tell my story. Growing up in Germany, I was growing up with a very self-destructive and negative belief system. In 2012 I took a leap of faith and moved to Ireland in order for me to find myself and gain a new understanding about life and who I was. After spending two years in Ireland, I felt a deep calling to move again. Shortly after my move from Ireland to England in the summer of 2014 I suffered from a burn-out.

When I was at the lowest point in my life after suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks, I discovered writing as a new form of therapy and healing. Although I was never a writer and not good at even finishing a book, I started writing. Words were coming into to my empty pages. First, I started writing little notes to younger myself which soon turned into journaling.

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