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My Social Media Burn Out Experience

Do you suffer from social media exhaustion?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the overload of information you receive every day?

This last week has had been my most exhausting week ever. Wanna know why? Here is my confession 🙈.

I can honestly say, I have mixed feelings when it comes to spending time on social media channels. Yes, it’s totally amazing how everyone seems to be “connected” so effortlessly these days but it’s also really exhausting following what everyone else is doing. Does this really benefit me knowing what someone on the other side of the world had for dinner/lunch/breakfast, how great their workout was or if they bought a new pair of shoes?

The truth it unless you are friends in real life, you don’t know the other person at all. You may want to, but you don’t. Only see a small percentage of the life they life is presented to you. You don’t know their background, the circumstances they are in and you probably not even their last name. Weird huh?!

This social media world feels so uncontrollable, out of control and even face and unreal at times. The good news is we still have the power of choosing who we want to follow, who we let bring value to us and when we decide to go online and check our news feed. If we have this much control and power, why are we so intrigued to check on someone else’s page and see what they have been up to? Because we are human. We are curious and we love to be entertained. 

Last week I decided to do a little bit of research for my new website and some new projects I am working on. I was looking to find some more information on how to grow my audience and how to make Instagram look more professional. I and spent several hours on Instagram and Facebook interacting with people, creating new posts and content for my new blog without even noticing the time.

Reflecting on the past seven days, I felt exhausted and also experienced a little bit of a burn out while searching looking and receiving so much information. I clearly didn’t set myself a time limit before starting my research. By the end of the week, I was tried of spending all my energy, not creating and instead purposefully wandering and jumping from one platform to another. I felt lost, tired energetically blocked and wasn’t being in my natural flow state of creating and receiving guidance. It made me feel anxious and it certainly didn’t help my anxiety. I could feel how my stress level went up the more I searched and the more information I found.

Throughout the week I spoke with several wonderful women from all over the country asking them for help and support with my marketing, branding content creating etc... It gotten to a point where I took on too much. Way too much information my brain was able handle at that point. Just by listening to everyone else’s opinions, suggestions and ideas, I felt even more confused chaotic and I started to get frustrated. So, I decided to ask myself for advice. I knew that I was capable of doing all the things these lovely ladies suggested. And that’s what I did. I started working out my own action plan. Thanks to all these wonderful professionals I started to see myself in them.

I finally acknowledged the Christina who was capable of doing her own branding, creating her own posts, write from her heart to make her own content creation and videos. I heard my inner voice loud and clear saying: “Be your own coach, get a plan into place and a strategy!” Boom 💥!

After hours confusion and spending my time looking outside for answers, I finally found my own light again. I was able to tap into my own energy and wound the creativity and wisdom from my own inner resources. I could finally see that all the services these amazing ladies had to offer were within me all along. But most importantly I learned not to stress myself out over the correct posting, being visible, branding, logos, content creation, color pallets and so on. I learned that instead of looking outside for guidance, first I must look within.

Make sure your connect deeply with the part of you that knows first. You have all the answers in you. Start searching for that creative part within you and channel your answers. Staring asking your own inner coach for help and support.

Here it what I have learned and created this week:

“ I …

1. posted regularly on my IG this week and also posted 2 short videos (including my first LIVE) 🎥

2. engaged in groups and commented on posts 🤗

3. connected with a friend, we are working on putting a healing retreat together in Tenerife this year (we will be meeting in Tenerife to discuss the details ) 🗻🏝

4. ordered new business cards 📇

5. reached out for help as I’ve exhausted myself a little bit and done too much this week 🙈😯

6. attended a yoga class which felt so great 🧘🏼‍♀️

7. ordered a GoPro camera to do some more videos and photos 📸

8. connected my new domain name with new provider (I seriously cannot believe this was so easy lol)

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