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Are you true to your Calling?

Updated: Apr 10

Today’s oracle card stands for honesty, truth and authenticity. Like the owl holding a mirror in front of you she shows you who you truly are. What do you see? Can you recognize yourself in the mirror? I remember back in 2014, when I lived in Ireland, I had a very eye-opening experience. It actually felt like one of these "Aha" moments. I suddenly saw things clearly and in a new light. I remember waking up early as every morning before going to work. I was just doing my normal morning routine when all of the sudden it hit me. I was standing in my bedroom getting my make up on looking into my little mirror on my night stand and out of the blue I was totally shocked by what I was seeing the mirror. I actually couldn't recognize myself anymore. Although, nothing had changed on the outside, something had changed overnight on the inside: my perception about myself. I wasn't able to recognize the person who was putting her make up on in the mirror. Something felt different this morning. It was like I could really see myself for the first time. But who was she? I literally started crying and wasn't able to hold it together any longer. It felt like I betrayed a huge part of me, but I finally found her - the other missing part of me. The person I was looking for so long. She was right there, looking in the mirror putting her lipstick on. I really saw myself for the first time and I was finally coming out of denial. The denial of hiding my true spiritual essence. I was working in a 9-5 job, lived in a beautiful mansion with ten other roommates, had tons of new friends but the reality was this was the exchange for hiding my spiritual face. I was literally wearing a mask on the outside another mask was shadowing over my heart. I am not saying I didn't live a great life because I was but for the cost of my spirituality. I was playing an undercover lightworker and the only time I had time for myself and for my spiritual practices was on the weekends. I spent most weekends recovering and recharging my batteries for the week ahead while going for a run or walking around, spending time in nature with a cup of coffee from my favorite coffee shop in town. Boy, I was so in denial. Looking back now, I lived my life on autopilot for a good while. That's why connecting with yourself and checking in with yourself is so important. Otherwise you miss out on what's right in front of you because you aren't able to see the signs. When we are living life on autopilot we are not in alignment with our higher self. In the long run, we are trapped in a bubble. Be honest with yourself, look around and most importantly look in the mirror and check if this is still you. Make sure you share the mirror with your most authentic and honest self. Don't deny or delay your calling. Answer and follow it.

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