"Every moment you have the choice to write a better story ... a more favorable one"

Truth Be Told is a inspirational self-help book about my personal journey dealing with anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and perfectionism to acceptance and more self-love.

This book contains practical exercises and self-help tips to help you heal your core wounds, build your self-esteem, learn how to share your own voice and to find inner harmony and peace.

This book helps you to reflect on your own path and will help you identify where you are in life and what you need to heal in order to live a purposeful life. 



My inspirational book tells you my story of how I managed to get out of my own way by raising my soul’s voice and aligning my passion to support and help people to speak their truth.

In this book you will learn the importance of unapologetically following your soul‘s voice, how to stop denying your personal truth and how to build a truly authentic life for yourself. 

This book will teach you about determination, faith and how to be yourself without being afraid of what the world around you might think.

I cheer you on, supporting you to make a difference in the world by being different and embracing your one-of-a-kind nature. The book will guide and support you while you do assignments that will help you discover who you truly are and how you can unleash your true potential.

I teach you where to find your inner strength, how to share your inner light and how to become a magnet for more luck, serendipitous events and new possibilities. My determination to write this book is my message to you to stand firm and walk in love.



I takes great courage and trust to write and share our flaws, trails and challenges. In her book Christina does this to demonstrate that our soul is our guiding light to self love, and the way to experience true fulfillment.

Jenny Jeffry, Bulgaria

Christina's honesty and consciousness shows us all how this life is a journey to explore your soul. She explains how fear can rule your life and how to let that go to share your story. Christina shares all of the lessons she has learned while encouraging us to own our path to a life free of fear.

Monica Morrisey, US

Christina's book really helped to me to reflect on my own journey and connect with myself on a deeper level while I was also doing the assignments in the book. Her journey is a own reflection of my personal struggles. Very well written!

Nicole Metzinger, Germany